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Our Customers' Reviews

Extremely happy with John. My calls and e-mails are always returned in a timely manner. Very professional and is diligent in keeping me informed on the market and my portfolio.

— Kevin J., Mount Pleasant, SC

Working with John has been a real pleasure. John views finances in "real" terms that make sense for "real" people. He skips the jargon and really spells things out in ways that provide clarity for the goals ahead. I highly recommend CFA if you are looking for an unbiased approach to managing your money.

— Michael S., Charleston, SC

I find CFA to be very honest and our performance has been fantastic. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for honest, ethical financial guidance.

— Nancy L., Charleston, SC

John and I were partners at Merrill Lynch before he moved to Charleston. Our basic approach to our customers was to take the time to know them and understand their financial objectives. Then create a workable flexible plan for them to succeed. This was done with continuous contact to see if there were changes in their life that made the need for changes in their plan. John has always taken the approach of doing what was right for his clients.Please note that he is a great basketball coach and loves working with kids.

— Ronald J., Somerset, SC