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Corporate Retirement Plans

We are committed to offering unbiased, personalized guidance regarding your corporate retirement plan. We can review existing retirement plans establish new ones or add certain features that will optimize your retirement savings. Products include 401K, Self directed 401k, Defined Benefit Plans
Statement of Services For Corporate Retirement Plan Sponsors

We provide thorough needs assessment and plan evaluation

To lay the groundwork for your plan, our team must first understand your needs.  Together with your help, we will develop a custom solution designed to meet the needs of your company and your employees, rather than offering a cookie cutter solution.  During this initial stage, we examine a variety of factors, including your company, your retirement plan objectives, and the demographics of your employees.  Our team will review your current plan’s provider, features, and investment options.  We look for opportunities to improve in mission critical areas such as education, technology, fee disclosure and ERISA 404© compliance.

We take an unbiased approach to plan selection and implementation

As your advisor, our team provides advocacy and assistance to you.  Whether it is the plan itself that needs change or the current advisor relationship, we have the flexibility to offer new plan alternatives, as well as, offer our team to step in and be your partner in advising the existing plan.  Our job is to proactively do all we can to help ensure your needs are met and to effectively communicate how employees can benefit by fully participating in the plan.

We pursue rigorous due diligence to help you create a diversified Investment Menu

Your fiduciary responsibilities include selecting an appropriate range of investment options for your employees.  Each team member has had extensive experience in portfolio management directly, so our team is best prepared to help you:
  • Analyze the investment behavior of your current plan’s participants

  • Diversify styles within each investment category

  • Analyze various investment alternatives

  • Review and select invest options

  • Frequently evaluate the plan’s investment offerings.

We develop a communications strategy to help employees achieve financial goals

A well-constructed communications strategy can help you meet certain 404© requirements while encouraging enrollment and helping participants get the most out of your retirement plan.  Our team works with you to customize a strategy that will:
  • Help employees understand the benefits of their plan

  • Educate employees regarding how to develop appropriate asset allocation strategies

  • Seek to maximize employee participation and increase their contributions

  • Offer ongoing education on retirement goal planning
We facilitate ongoing plan services

A successful retirement plan will reinforce your commitment to your employees and can help you attract the best talent.  Our team will continue to provide the critical steps necessary to ensure that your employees are kept on the path to help them pursue their personal specific retirement goals by offering on site investment seminars and one-on-one consultation on:

  • Rollover and distribution options

  • College Planning

  • Estate planning services

  • Life stage planning

We sincerely hope you give us the opportunity to help your firm and its employees achieve their retirement plan goals and enjoy fully the retirement they worked so hard to achieve.

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Corporate Retirement Plans