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The CFA Process

CFA’s aim is to make a “powerful difference” in every client’s lives and assisting them in making their financial goals a tangible reality. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with each client and their families.  We are passionate about conducting an effective discovery process and thorough risk management review enabling us to consistently help solve any financial problems a client may encounter.

We then help simplify the investment process by implementing a top quality investment strategy specifically tailored to each individuals own situation. Our main objective is to help manage wealth while protecting and growing precious assets,  at the same time, maintaining flexibility to deal with constantly changing market conditions. Utilizing the Power of our experience and long term affiliations, CFA can provide you access to all of the products and services you may need to pursue your personal or business goals.

Our Process


Discovery:  Perform comprehensive review and analysis of your current investment portfolio.  Investment and Fee analysis.


Profile:  We get to know each and every client personally to determine their life goals, needs and risk tolerance.


Asset Allocation:  Determine the best mix of investment products and amount to be allocated to each diversified category.


Investment Selection:  We construct a custom tailored investment portfolio that is unique to your own personal situation.


Risk Management:  We constantly evaluate and monitor the investments in your portfolio on a daily basis.


Review:  Periodically we will review the investment portfolio and access if your current needs have changed due to various life stage results.